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Daugherty For Congress



Inspired by liberty minded thinkers like Thomas Sowell and Ron Paul, I am fighting for individual liberties and a truly limited government. Both Democrats and Republicans are complicit in the selling of America and its values to the highest bidder. As your representative, I promise to faithfully defend and protect the constitution and the values of our great nation, as well as never sell out my constituents, or my values, to corporate lobbyists.

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Economic Crisis

Our country is on the brink of an economic disaster. Our government debt will pass 35 Trillion Dollars by the end of the year. The interest that the US is expected to pay on the debt this year is 870 Billion Dollars. That is not money used for the border, infrastructure, Social programs, or even to pay off debt. That is money we pay as taxpayers that we get absolutely nothing in return for.


And our government is expected to run another deficit this year, adding 2 trillion dollars to the debt. We will have to continue to print treasury bonds to pay for our spending, making the dollar worth less and making inflation worse.

We need to stop the madness. We need more people in Washington focused on the real issues, solving the debt crisis, and actually tackling the root causes of inflation.


We can no longer afford to police the world. After decades of failed endeavors, costing the taxpayers trillions, we need to bring our troops home.  Its long past time secure our border and focus on the people who make this country great and not waste more resources on endless wars.

Im running for congress to fight for those who are opposed to the status quo of America Last.

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This grassroots movement can only work with your support. 

Donate today to stand against corruption and help me fight for liberty. 

A Better Tomorrow
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