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This campaign is about championing the ideas that made this country great. I support free markets, limited government, and a non-interventionist foreign policy, emphasizing personal freedom and voluntary interactions for economic and societal prosperity.

Army Soldiers

Bring Our Troops Home

Our troops do not need to be permanently stationed overseas to defend the interests of businesses. Bring our heroes home. 

War Zone Journalists

1st Amendment

Free speech in the United States is a staple to our entire society. Recently, our government has taken draconian steps to censor doctors, journalists, and every day people. I will fight against all government attempts to censor free speech. 

Dollar Bills

Lower Taxes

Government spending is out of control. I will only support a budget that makes fiscal sense and does not bend knee to corporate interests.

Handgun and  Ammunition

2nd Amendment

The 2nd amendment was created to protect Americans from tyranny. As your representative, I promise not to vote for or endorse ANY legislation that restricts gun ownership for law-abiding Americans. 

Image by Katie Moum

Limit Government

As your congressman, I promise to defend the constitution and fight to limit government overreach. 

Woman at Farmers Market

Free Trade Practices

Not only are regulations a burden on big business, it can also be used to stifle small businesses from competing against giant corporations. I promise to advocate for less regulation and let the free market create economic prosperity.

A New Vision For The Future

"Choosing the lesser of two evils is still voting evil." - Jerry Garcia



The free market has always been the greatest tool for spurring innovation, creating jobs, and stimulating the economy. I will advocate for less government regulations and fight to shrink or eliminate as many three letter agencies as possible.  ​ Our national debt is out of control. Everyone in DC knows this is not sustainable but refuses to ever cut spending. My vision would force congress to not only create a balanced budget, but work down our national deficit. I would not do this by creating new taxes, but selling off federal assets the government does not have any business owning.

2nd Amendment

Our government created the second amendment, not just to protect our citizens from each other or foreign invasion, but also from the tryanny of government. All gun regulations are enforced by people with guns. Thomas Jefferson once said "I prefer dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery." If you elect me to Washington, I promise to never vote for or endorse ANY legislation that restricts the gun rights of law abiding Americans.

Foreign Policy

Both Democrats and Republicans are complicit in the disaster that has been America's foreign policy. My vision for America includes bringing all troops home from overseas. Our military presence across the world and nation-building practices have not made us safer but have fanned the flames of distaste for America and bankrupted us as a nation. I will advocate for not just shrinking our military size, but change our military strategy and lead by example as a beacon of freedom and economic prosperity.


My vision for America includes revitalizing the American Dream. It shouldn't take multiple lawyers, thousands of dollars, and years of time for law-abiding people to come to America and enjoy the fruits of the greatest country on earth. As your representative, I will lead the charge on reforming immigration to bring back Ellis Island standards with increased points of entry and immediate access to green cards once a background check is cleared.

Fix the Broken Justice System

The rights and values of America do not align with our current system of justice. Our federal agencies consistently abuse their power. The government's ability and willingness to spy on its citizens is a major violation of our rights. I will fight, not just for the transparency of our government, but to limit the size and power of federal agencies and maintain constitutional standards for all forms of law enforcement.


We don't need unelected bureaucrats and federal agencies telling you how to raise your kid. Education should be decided at the state and local level and as your representative, I will fight to end all federal agencies that impact education and delegate that power back to the parents.

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